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The Hundred Club of Broward County, Inc.

Why We Do It  

We do it to express our gratitude for the job that every law enforcement officer, firefighter and paramedic does for us to make our lives safer.


Should one of them die in the line of duty, our actions acknowledge our obligation to their families in the best way we know how.

What We Do

 The Hundred Club provides funds to the affected family solely through monies collected through our dues.  At the time of a catastrophic injury or death an initial payment is made immediately to the family to provide assurance of financial security.


When the family is able, members of our financial committee will meet with them to review their financial needs.  A determination is made as to the amount of  financial assistance is required to meet the families needs.


Each case is handled on an individual basis.

Who We Serve 

We serve law enforcement officers and firefighters located in Broward County, who are residents of Broward County.


Benefits are provided to police and other law enforcement agencies, including the Sheriff’s organization, the Florida Highway Patrol, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


In the fire departments, benefits are provided to both large and small communities in Broward County, including paid and volunteer personnel.

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