The Hundred Club 

Broward County 


The purpose of The Hundred Club of Broward County is to provide a measure of comfort to the needs of those who daily risk their lives in the service of others.

The Club does this by providing direct financial assistance to families of law enforcement officers and fire fighters who have lost their lives or have been permanently disabled in the line of duty in Broward County, Florida.

 April Meeting is Canceled


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President's Message

"Yesterday Scott Gooding and I had the honor of presenting a check from The Hundred Club to BSO Detective Morales.  We surprised Detective Morales at his doctor’s office where he was being treated for his medical condition.  Also present at the meeting were some of Detective Morales’ co-workers and his wife.


I must echo what Mike Dutko stated at our last meeting that the feeling one has when presenting a check on behalf of The Hundred Club to a person in need is a humbling experience but one that reiterates the mission and purpose of The Hundred Club.  


The expression of joy and relief that I saw on Detective Morales’ face, as well as his wife’s face when they looked at the check is something that I will never forget.


While I hope and pray for all the obvious reason that I do not have to present any other checks to first responders, it is comforting to know the relief it brings to families in need."


Fire Chief John Jurgle

Hundred Club President, 2019-20

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